Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Computer to Setup to My Specs!

Hubby was complaining about my “stuff” slowing down his computer so he bought me a notebook!!

I need to finish scanning old photos into files first cause can’t use scanner with new computer. Hope to do some scanning today or maybe tonight after hubby goes to bed.  He’s on puter all day if he isn’t doing yard work or piddling in garage.  I’ll be saving for scanner/printer combo when school starts! Any suggestion on what to buy.  Be nice to have one that prints 12x12 papges.  Don’t know where to find paper that size. There’is always the www.! When I get done scanning I will transfer my files to new puter. I hope all this isn’t as complicated as it sounds!

I have Creative Memories Memory Manager & am wondering if Photoshop is better. I also have Storybook Plus.  I have to call CM to make sure I can delete &          re-insall programs on new puter.  Few years ago I was told I could but would have to call CM support to get new number.  We’ll see what happens!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome to DebJo’s Place

Don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how to set  this up!